Support Sunrise of Africa School

Thank You!!

Thank you very much for all your inspiring prayers, support, and generous assistance for our exciting school, which is blessing many Kenyan children, with quality education, based on Christian values.

There are so many fun ways to support and raise money for Sunrise. We have had a few schools in the US and Australia do fundraising events to support a child, such as a bake sale, a Father’s Day Camp Out, a fun day at school with lots of different activities. We have had friends around the world doing half marathons, 10km and 5 km runs and a triathlon. There are so many fun ways to raise money to help educate a beautiful child at Sunrise of Africa School.

Different funds/ projects to support

We have complete financial transparency and very close expenditure control so you can rest assured that every dollar donated will go towards ensuring our children receive an excellent education in a safe environment.
Many thanks for your financial support to any of the following Funds:

Operational Fund

We need to raise a sizeable sum to cover our current yearly operational expenses for the campus, including electricity, security, garden staff, maintenance etc. Some of our students are on full scholarship, a large number of them are are on half scholarships and those who pay are charged the equivalent of just US$ 50 a month at Sunrise Garden Grove. Your generosity helps us continue to educate our beautiful children.

Scholarship Fund and Lunch Program

This fund provides financial aid for Kenyan children in need: orphans, refugees and internally displaced children. Annual Scholarships run at $ 600 per child at Sunrise Garden Grove, Kitengela. A $ 50 monthly pledge would pay for a needy child´s education. Donations to this fund will also be spent on a nutritious, well-balanced lunch program, transport to and from school, books and other school expenses for the child.

Capital Projects Fund

We are so grateful to American, British, Australian and German donors for helping us to complete the final stage of the Primary School at Garden Grove. This is now fully operational. We are teaching Nursery and Primary classes 1-8.

Our next step in the building process is to complete the dining hall, kitchen and store, which we will start considering in the next year or two.



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