Michelle’s Article

It was a cool morning in Brisbane for my half marathon run, but there was a great feeling of anticipation and excitement from the runners. The run started at 6am and the sun rose majestically over the Brisbane sky line as we ran around the city, and down beside the beautiful Brisbane River.

There was a lot of joy and laughter – and some tired looking people (including me by the end of the 21.1kms!). But my main aim with the run was to raise money for Sunrise of Africa School and the scholarship fund and to keep running all the way! And with many wonderful donors’ help, I met both of these goals. We raised in excess of Australian $12,000 between donations on my gofundme page, donations in Kenya and the US. It was a worldwide effort!

I could not have done the run without the ongoing support (and email coaching) of a wonderful Queensland Christian Scientist, Margaret Perrin. Much thanks goes to her. Margaret has run many half marathons herself, so she was fully qualified to give me lots of useful advice.

The local newspaper covered my story and the journalist was very interested in my background and in the Sunrise of Africa school.MICHELLE-MARATHON-RUN
Many blessings came out of the run in Kenya too. My mother, Corinne Corvin, sent flyers out in Kenya with details on how people could donate, and we had businesses and individuals donate as they wanted to help Kenyan children, who would otherwise not be able to attend school. Ten employees at Toyota Kenya clubbed together to raise money. They proudly presented the generous cheque to the school.

We would like to give a big thank you to all of you who kindly donated! Asante Sana (thank you in Swahili) from the children. Blessings!

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