Exciting Fundraiser – Aprile Alexander is walking the City2Surf in Sydney for Sunrise of Africa School!

On 13th August 2017, a lovely friend of ours, Aprile Alexander, is going to be walking the City2Surf in Sydney, Australia, to help raise much needed funds for the school. City2Surf is a 14km course starting from the city and finishing at Bondi Beach.

Aprile is inspired by the children of Sunrise of Africa School in Kenya, who show such joy in attending school. She wishes to enable these beautiful children to attend this loving place of education through fundraising for these scholarships.

Aprile lives near the Nepean River, New South Wales, Australia. One of her favorite pastimes is walking along this beautiful waterway, and in the Blue Mountains. Last year she walked the last 112 km of the Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain.

She is deeply grateful for donations of any size, every dollar of which will go directly to the school.

All donations from Gofundme are deposited directly into the Sunrise of Africa School bank account in Melbourne and transferred regularly to Kenya to enable us to continue our good work there.

Asante Sana (thank you very much in Swahili).




Students of Sunrise of Africa School and Sheldon College, Queensland, Australia get to know each other…

In 2016, Year 7 students of Sheldon College and the Sunrise of Africa students enjoyed getting to know each other on Skype and by sending videos to show what they did at school, their routine, their lives at home, what they enjoyed doing outside of school and their other interests.  The project was a great success.

This is the Sunrise children singing to the Sheldon students: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Sunrise-of-Africa-School-Kenya-461313754018556/videos/?ref=page_internal

This is what Lachlan at Sheldon College wrote for Sunrise’s newsletter about the project:

Meeting the Sunrise of Africa School


Over the past few months the Year 7 students of Sheldon College have been building a bond with the Sunrise of Africa School in Kenya. Over this time, both schools have been sharing their cultures through videos sent to each other and Skype discussions.

During this time both schools have learnt about each other’s culture, way of living, and the schools as a whole. As a Sheldon College student I particularly enjoyed learning about the culture and beliefs of the school, as well as the opportunity to communicate with other children of my age in a completely different continent. It was interesting seeing the similarities and differences between the two schools.

Meeting the students of the Sunrise of Africa School has made me realise how much I value the privileges that I receive in Australia, and to not take them for granted. This encounter has been beneficial to myself and the Sheldon College students as a whole by making us realise what a great school we have here in Australia. It is also wonderful seeing how the capabilities of the Sunrise students to learn and enjoy schooling with limited resources compared to ourselves.

It was a great experience in getting the opportunity to meet and create a friendship with the Sunrise of Africa students as we saw how other societies live and work. The Skype sessions provided amazing interaction between the students of both schools as we got the chance to communicate in person with people on opposite sides of the world, while learning and sharing our cultures.

Overall, the Year 7 students of Sheldon College have benefitted from engaging with the Sunrise of Africa students as a learning experience and just to meet other people of our age.

By Lachlan Andrews


Marketing 4

Andrew’s visit to the school

We had a great visit from a friend, Andrew Ramsay, from England who was studying various school in Kenya for a thesis he is doing. He really enjoyed his visit to Sunrise of Africa School (SOAS) and these were some of his observations. Sammy is our Administrator and Daniel is our Headmaster. Thank you for your feedback, Andrew!

This is what Andrew said:

A number of things struck me about the way in which SOAS works. Firstly, it is properly managed. Secondly, it has a clear strategy. Third, you do not get distracted by other “community development” projects. And most importantly, the staff are motivated and enthusiastic.

To take the first point, my discussion with Sammy was rewarding. He is an impressive guy. He has a grasp of the important issues. As Sammy said, “Education is the only way out of poverty. Without education, they can’t even get a menial job”.

The governance of SOAS appears to be well done. I liked the fact that you have regular Skype discussions, that there are people on the ground in Kenya, that the staff know who the leaders of the project are, and so on.

Daniel was very helpful, even though he seemed to have a lot to do. It’s good that he still gets to teach on a regular basis, and I sat in on one of his classes. He was also a very good host. His apartment is humble, but he made me very welcome.
In terms of the staff, I did sit in on quite a few classes, so I saw several different teachers at work. I am not an educationalist, so I am certainly not qualified to comment on the teaching. The only thing that I would say, is that without exception, they were motivated and animated with the kids. There was individual attention to pupils, and they weren’t just being taught by rote. I noted that the teachers do get some CPD (continuous professional development) and that always helps to motivate staff.

What I found above all, was a happy school. The fact that the churn rate is low and numbers are increasing, is a good sign that you are getting it right. Well done.



Michelle’s Article

It was a cool morning in Brisbane for my half marathon run, but there was a great feeling of anticipation and excitement from the runners. The run started at 6am and the sun rose majestically over the Brisbane sky line as we ran around the city, and down beside the beautiful Brisbane River.

There was a lot of joy and laughter – and some tired looking people (including me by the end of the 21.1kms!). But my main aim with the run was to raise money for Sunrise of Africa School and the scholarship fund and to keep running all the way! And with many wonderful donors’ help, I met both of these goals. We raised in excess of Australian $12,000 between donations on my gofundme page, donations in Kenya and the US. It was a worldwide effort!

I could not have done the run without the ongoing support (and email coaching) of a wonderful Queensland Christian Scientist, Margaret Perrin. Much thanks goes to her. Margaret has run many half marathons herself, so she was fully qualified to give me lots of useful advice.

The local newspaper covered my story and the journalist was very interested in my background and in the Sunrise of Africa school.MICHELLE-MARATHON-RUN
Many blessings came out of the run in Kenya too. My mother, Corinne Corvin, sent flyers out in Kenya with details on how people could donate, and we had businesses and individuals donate as they wanted to help Kenyan children, who would otherwise not be able to attend school. Ten employees at Toyota Kenya clubbed together to raise money. They proudly presented the generous cheque to the school.

We would like to give a big thank you to all of you who kindly donated! Asante Sana (thank you in Swahili) from the children. Blessings!


President of The Mother Church lectures at Garden Grove, Kitengela

On Saturday 13th April 2013, we had a wonderful and a successful lecture by Mrs. Bosede Bakarey, CSB. She has devoted her whole life to sharing ideas, experiences and understanding gained from studying Science and Health. The lecture was attended by 130 people, including school children, teachers, parents, and beautifully adorned Maasai women. The title was “How can I pray effectively and get results?”

Mrs. Bosede Bakarey with Sammy Aloyo and Maasai women

Mrs. Bakarey encouraged the attendants to pray without ceasing, and she gave an abbreviation R.I.P, meaning resist, insist and persist. She encourages people to accept God’s response to their prayers, and he will bless them accordingly.

Many of our parents who attended the lecture said afterwards how the lecture changed their thinking and perception. Some had been having negative thoughts about Christian Science but all who attended that lecture were amazed how wonderful it is.

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